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The amenities that Eton Properties provided for 8 Adriatico are some of the best in the industry. In fact, when you enter the building, you will think that you are in a high-end hotel, and that’s just the front desk. Wait until you see what other amenities the 8 Adriatico has in store.

First, there are separate lobby areas for the residential floors and the SOHO floors. There are also five high-speed elevators that can zip you up and down the 42 floors of the 8 Adriatico quickly. Three elevators are for servicing the residential floors and the other two are for the SOHO floors of the building. Both lobbies also have their own front desks if you need to inquire about anything.

Security and safety are also major concerns in 8 Adriatico, which is why the building management hired teams of security personnel to make sure that everyone in the building are all safe and sound. There are always a couple of guards posted at the lobbies and other entrances to the building so they can screen everyone who comes in and out of the place. There is also a huge system of security cameras installed all throughout the building (except for inside the private residences and SOHOs) so there are always unblinking eyes on the lookout for anything suspicious. Every unit is also equipped with smoke and fire alarms and is hooked up to the building’s emergency sprinkler system.

Aside from the basic needs, 8 Adriatico also provides a couple of amazing recreational amenities for its residents. There is the elevated swimming pool area, with an adult-sized swimming pool, a small, shallow kiddie pool, and a lounge/viewing deck that provides a spectacular view of the city of Manila, and on clear days, you can even see the majestic Makati skyline.

There is also a complete fitness center right inside the building. There is a weight room that has all of the weights, bars, and other weightlifting equipment that you will ever need. There are also several dance and yoga studios where you can join in on zumba dance sessions, yoga classes, or traditional aerobic workouts. You do not have to spend money on an expensive gym membership. Just by being a resident of 8 Adriatico, you can use the gym as much as you want for free.

The 8 Adriatico also has its own small business center, which is pretty much a small commercial center where businesses can set up shop and sell their wares. Expect that there will be at least one 24-hour convenience store and a coffee shop setting up shop here in the near future, which is good news for residents as they no longer need to leave the building if they need to buy a couple of basic necessities or if they feel the need for a nice cup of coffee and a quiet place to relax.

These are only some of the amenities provided by 8 Adriatico. You will discover more great things about the place once you moved in and settled.

  • Five (5) elevators (Three (3) elevators for Residential Floors, Two (2) elevators for SOHO Floors)
  • Air-conditioned Main Lobby
  • Administration Office
  • CCTV system for common areas and elevator cars
  • Fully-addressable Fire and Smoke Detection System
  • Visual/audible fire alarm system within & outside residential units
  • Water reservoir and separate fire reserves
  • Standby emergency power for common areas
  • Centralized Garbage Room
  • Amenties that are exclusively for Unit Owners or Authorized
  • 24/7 Security
  • Business Center
  • Provision for portable water heater in bathrooms
  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Telephone & Cable TV Provision
  • Guest audio annunciator for all units
  • Adult Pool
  • Children’s Pool
  • Function Room
  • Gym
  • Landscaped Garden
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